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Coworking in European countryside



Coworking is not just a chair and a desk in an office space. It's as much about community, sharing and a sense of belonging. We aim to improve daily life of both local and visiting independent professionals, and help reestablish Sombor as a center of innovation, creativity and social progress.

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We started Fabrika to shake up the local community. One of the ways we do that is by hosting all kinds of workshops, lectures, and exchanges. See all our events here.

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Social Accelerator

We provide office space, mentorship and financial help to local teams with ideas of great social value. By supporting Fabrika, you're also supporting Sombor community.

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Comfortable working space

In the end, there's work to be done and we make sure you work efficiently by providing ergonomic chairs, enough light, and a fresh supply of coffee.


We come in three flavors. Contact us for any other services, such as long term rent or team hosting. Note: our space is free of toxicity, negativity, prejudice, and disrespect. We aim to keep it that way :)


Check us out

RSD 400

  • One day pass
  • 1h meeting room
  • One coffee
  • Padded chair
  • Unlimited smiles


Come by now and then


  • One week pass
  • 5h meeting room
  • Unlimited coffee
  • Workshops attendance
  • Printer access
  • Office chair
  • Unlimited smiles


Claim your space


  • Monthly unlimited
  • 20h meeting room
  • Unlimited coffee
  • Workshops attendance
  • Office chair
  • Printer access
  • Unlimited smiles
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NEED MORE INFO? CALL US ON +381-62-631-968


Sombor is laid back, affordable, good food and good people. Click here to be taken to our comprehensive guide on how to come here and what to expect from your visit.

Wait. Sombor - how do I even...

We're 1 hour off the Belgrade - Budapest highway. We offer airport pickup from Belgrade, Budapest and Osijek. Let us know if you need one.

What can I do in Sombor?

Running, yoga, swimming, fishing, cinema, coffees, there's bunch of stuff. Click here for a comprehensive guide on what's it like to live in Sombor.

How much money do I need?

Sombor is reaaaly cheap. According to Numbeo, USD 1000 in Sombor equals $1600 in Chiang Mai, $2700 in Berlin and $5500 in New York.

How do I find an appartment?

AirBnB didn't reach Sombor yet. Contact us if you need help with booking, as we are working to make all the empty houses available for rent.

Is the space child / pet friendly?

Pets are welcome, but we don't have a child's corner yet. Please contact us to let us know if you'd like us to build one.

Is the space wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately, no :( We're in an old building which doesn't have an elevator, and our budget is still too young to support building a ramp.

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We live in a beautiful countryside town of Sombor.
Questions, visits, coffee dates are all welcome.




Venac Radomira Putnika 1, Sombor, 25000, SERBIA
1st floor, courtyard entrance
Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00
Weekends - closed